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Zentangle, c'est quoi?

An art in its own right

Zentangle® is a process of creating beautiful abstract images, formed by repeating structured patterns. Each pattern is listed, has a name and a procedure.


When for the first time we see a Zentangle®, we think of the drawings of our adolescence, of the long telephone conversations, of the meetings that last during which to escape we practice doodling. But Zentangle® is an art and you will see it as you practice it.

Brain yoga

Creating a Zentangle® is intentional, it is an artistic meditation, a rest of your brain that could be compared to a yoga of your two cerebral hemispheres.


Each pattern has its own vibration. Each drawing will bring you great joy and satisfaction. It's an addictive method, but without the nuisances. No need for a screen, electronics, electricity, just a pencil and a piece of paper!

The benefits

By practicing this technique, we can observe changes in our life and in our daily reactions. The relaxation induced by repeating the designs of the different patterns, and feeling again at the center of oneself will lead to a feeling of great strength and protection.

The study "Evaluation of Mindfulness Activity, by Meredith Yuhas, Ph.D., Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT" has also proven that Zentangle® is very effective for the treatment of the following problems.



& Anxiety






Chronic pain

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