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Creative painting


Acrylic paint

We teach the technique of "One Stroke" which is particularly suitable for beginners wishing to learn to paint.

A brushstroke allows you to quickly achieve beautiful floral arrangements and you will obtain after the first session already a magnificent result.

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Intuitive watercolor

Intuitive watercolor allows you to make your imagination work while revealing elements that we tend to bury. This work will ultimately allow you to have a healthier, more fulfilling life and to unravel certain blockages.


There are no age or talent prerequisites, so what are you waiting for? Discover watercolor with us!

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Soot carbon

This technique was created by Diana von Kaenel herself. This working technique consists of using the flame as a brush to mark the paper with soot. Different grades of paper can be used.

With this intuitive method, you will obtain a sensitive and astonishing work.

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